Monday, 22 August 2016

Let's Get This Out of the Way

Well, hello!

I was going to just dive right in with a post about anxiety, but then I thought "is it weird to disappear from your blog for a year and then completely ignore the absence and jump in again?"  So I figured maybe I would address it after all.

So, yep.  My last post was a year ago, almost to the day.  I don't really have a reason for disappearing, so there's no exciting update on that front.  I mean, I got married and I guess that took a lot of my attention, so there's that... but it's not really the reason.  I just more or less forgot about blogging and got distracted by non-internet-things.

On the bright side, I'll have lots of fun stories to post so I can catch everyone up, right?  Great.  So I've addressed the disappearance, that's all dealt with, and now we can get back to our regularly scheduled program.  

Here we go.