Saturday, 25 July 2015

Vague Updates, Hooray!

It has been a really long time since my last update because like a squillion things are happening all at once, and I keep thinking "I should blog this", but then I get distracted by one of the other squillion things, and then I forget to blog.  But the boys are watching some stupid B-movie called Lavalantula, so here I am, and here is a blog post, so I guess I can scratch that off my to-do list.  Since it's been so long, here is a sort of general update, because who doesn't love it when people are vague on the internet, right?

For starters, I still have a job.

So, y'know, there's that.  It's going really well and my co-workers are awesome-sauce and everything is all good on the job front.  Ummmm... yep.  That's all I have to say about my job right now, I guess.

In other news...

My anxiety is intense.  

Is anyone else having an extra-difficult time with their panic attacks recently?  Who can talk to me about the planetary alignment and why I have felt like garbage for the past 6 weeks, give or take? (*cough*Desiree*cough*)  I can actually pinpoint the exact day that my anxiety disorder kicked into overdrive.  I've had my medications increased, and I've started seeing my therapist again, and basically I still have almost-daily attacks, and it's not cool.  (P.S.  Shout-outs to my mom, who I keep calling when I need someone to talk me down - and who always obliges, even when she's swamped at work and it's my third call of the day.)

Wedding plans are in the works.

It's officially 321 days until "I do".  We've booked the venues and the officiant, so I mean... technically, we're ready to get married.  Everything else is just "bonus stuff", right?  All you need is a location and a person who is legally allowed to pronounce you married, and we have those things, so like... we're good to go.  Juliette has been doing these "Wedding Wednesday" posts, and I keep thinking that I should hop on board, but I also have nothing to write about, really.  This one paragraph is basically everything that I have to say about the wedding so far and we've been engaged since December.  It's totally stressing out my Unofficial Life Coach, Jodi, who feels like I should be more wedding-obsessed by now.

Art is also in the works.

I have a series of paintings sketched out and I've picked up all the supplies.  There is a giant stack of wood panels sitting on my desk, waiting to primed and have sketches transferred on to them.  The entire series features adorable animal "odd couples", and I'm really excited about it.  I'll post updates here as each individual painting is being worked on.

And now it's nearing midnight, and George has fallen asleep on the couch, so I'm going to call this the end.  Maybe I'll go work on that stack of wood panels...