Friday, 20 March 2015

And Then I Fell In Love With A Goat.

Note:  This post was originally published on June 10, 2014.  All posts prior to this date - along with images from April 2014 to March 2015 - have been lost forever to the Internet black hole.  


Last weekend, one of my oldest and most awesome friends, Shannon, invited us out for a visit and a trip to the "spring fair" in her town, which obviously I was 110% on board with - I am not about to turn up a chance to see her two adorable sons, Little G and Baby G, nor was I going to miss out on a fair that advertised something called "Celebrity Pig Racing".

Saturday afternoon, George and I hopped in the car and left the city.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we drove along with the radio turned up and the windows all the way down.  As we got closer and closer to our destination, I wondered more and more about why we live in the city.  Forget smog and concrete.  Check out the roadside views where Shannon lives:

{this was a picture of horses in a roadside field}

When we first arrived, Little G was taking a nap, but Baby G and Puppy Casino were wide awake and kept me giggling while Shannon and her husband Brett put the finishing touches on dinner.  And speaking of dinner... oh em gee, you guys.  I wish I had taken a picture of the food!  It was so delicious - there was steak and chicken, amazing potatoes, asparagus, kale salad... everything was fantastic.  And Casino?  She knew exactly where to sit.

{this was a picture of Casino hanging out under the high chair}

After dinner, we made our way over to the fair.

We started out in the agricultural tent, where they had baby Holstein cows and tables with pamphlets about farming, and oh yeah, also these two goofballs:

{this was a picture of two goats}

Outside the agricultural tent, I found the perfect George-sized vehicle:

{picture of a giant tractor.  i could have sat in the wheels.}

It was almost 6:00 pm, and I was on a mission, you guys.  At 6:00 pm, the Celebrity Pig Races were starting.  I had no idea what they were, but I knew that I had to see them, so we made a beeline for the "race track".  It turns out that "Celebrity Pig Races" are basically just races featuring pics with entertainment-related names (i.e. HAM-mah Montana).  Even still, they are adorable.

{picture of celebrity pig races was here}

But there was something even better.

Shannon told me that the fair had... a PETTING ZOO.  OK, yes, I am an adult, but whatever, dude.  Hook me up with some of that $2 petting zoo food and let me go touch ALL OF THE FURRY THINGS.  I grabbed a second cone of petting zoo food for Little G, and together we walked through the gate and in to Paradise.  (Pro Tip:  Apparently if you neglect the birds and focus on the sheep, the ducks will get mad and bite you to get your attention.)

{this had a picture of me being bitten by a duck}

OK, this is where the magic happens.

So I found this little pig, and when I was petting him, he dropped on to his back like a dog and waited for belly rubs:

{yep, this was a pic of belly-rub piggy}

And when I was kneeling down and rubbing his fat little tummy, I felt a small child fall against my back.  Or so I thought.  Until suddenly my earlobe was wet.

It turns out that what I thought was someone's child falling against me was actually a pygmy goat climbing on to my back and then nibbling on my ear.  And then my hair.  And now we are in love and I've decided that his name is Obie and I can't stop thinking about him.

AJ and Obie the goat
By all that is good and holy, this picture was not lost forever like the rest.
Meanwhile, George was shopping for dinner making friends with the chickens:

{picture of George holding a chicken}

I could have stayed at the petting zoo forever, but there was more fair to see!  So Shannon took Little G to clean his hands, and George and I made a quick visit to see the horse before we left the petting zoo area.  Side note:  Obviously George is a country boy at heart and we need to move to a farm and get Clydesdales and baby goats, right??

And what's a trip to the fair without a stop at the midway, right?

{I'm missing like three pictures here, of Shannon and Baby G, and of Little G holding ride tickets, and of Little G and Baby G together}

While there wasn't much that Baby G could go on, with the exception of a little truck ride, Little G got to try out a few different rides.  I think that he was more excited about being in charge of carrying the ride tickets than he was about actually riding anything, though.

Before we left the fair, the boys had to try and win something through a display of showmanship, of course.

{this was a picture of Brett and George playing carnival games}

Except they did it all wrong.  Everyone knows that carnival games are a huge scam.  The key to winning is to choose one of the games where multiple people compete and then you're destined to win... (or to play my personal favourite game - the one where you choose a floating duck and win a prize because every single duck is a winner.)

It was such an awesome way to spend a Saturday and I'm so glad that Shannon invited us.  We're totally going next year.

And if Obie is still there, I'm bringing him home with me.


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